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Software of Excellence

Software of Excellence is an innovative company focused exclusively on software solutions for the International Dental Profession. The company has built it's business on developing, selling and supporting clinically based software specifically for the dental industry. The software is a computerised patient relationship management system which can:

•  Configure your treatment plans with automatically scheduled appointments
•  Explain treatment procedures with pictures and text
•  Increase your patients' understanding and acceptance of treatment plans
•  Automatic Billing and Recall Systems improve time organisation
•  Enhance clinical and administrative efficiency
•  Save you time - allowing you more time to give a more personal touch to patients
•  Provide you with up-to-the-minute information on your practice
•  Create accounts, pictorial estimates. charts, reports and letters at the push of a button
•  Minimise paper-based filing by providing complete computer-based clinical charting and records
•  Cut your accounting costs
•  Provide a summary of incomplete treatment, missed appointments and recalls - enabling you to rebook these patients automatically
•  Electronically track and schedule patients

Oral Health Centre WA uses Software of Excellence

The Oral Health Centre of Western Australia is a $38 million state-of-the-art partnership between the University of Western Australia and Western Australia's State Government.
It is Australia's most advanced tertiary oral health facility and Software of Excellence International and it's patient management system are very much an integral part of the new centre's business structure.

DNA Kingston Training utilise this powerful software in our Training Programmes and can provide training assistance.

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DNA Kingston Training Infection Control course

Infection Control

The new Infection Control standards implemented in Australia have had strong ramifications in the health industry. Dental Practices are now more accountable for their infection control procedures. If a patient presents and insists they had contracted Hep C in your practice you will be required to demonstrate your policies and procedures through a full audit, following the new standards. Even if the patient has not contracted the disease in your practice, if you can not demonstrate the correct policies and procedures you will be convicted regardless.

If correct policies and education of staff are applied, this provide additional insurance for the practice against litigation and demonstrate to your patients, your commitment to their safety and well being.

Infection control modules will also assist Dental Assistants looking for Post-Graduate qualification to enhance their skills and expertise in the workplace and provide the edge in attaining employment in the more specialised, Cosmopolitan Dental Practices.

DNA Kingston Training is offering Infection Control training for individuals or on site training for large to small Dental Practices. Formal credit can be obtained for the unit Microbiology and Infection Control or a Certificate of Attendance can be received for completing the short courses.

Management of the implementation of the new standards in infection control can also be provided to Practice Managers or the whole practice. We can assist in empowering your staff in the importance of infection control and maintaining high standards in this area through diverse training methods.

Manuals and CD of the interpretation of the new standards can also be made available.Top of the page

DNA Kingston Training lecturers
Management Services

DNA Kingston Training has a team of experienced Practice Managers and Lecturers. Our Practice Managers and Lecturers have been involved with

•  Accreditation processes
•  Design
•  Business concepts
•  Development of policies and infrastructure in practices
•  Team building
•  Communication
•  Motivation
•  Staff development.

Customised Management Services can be provided or advice as to the right people to contact.Top of the page

DNA Kingston Training relief staff
Relief Staff

Dental Auxiliary Relief Staff are available through DNA Kingston Training.

The services are free in respect for the support and role the Dental Profession plays in the development and implementation of our training programmes.

Relief is only available in the Southwest and Peel regions. Graduates, Students and other Dental Axillaries entering these communities are available as part of this service.

Graduate Dental Auxillaries Support Network

Newsletters, invitations to reunions, positions vacant, new courses available etc will be made available and advertised on our Website and sent out to past students. Email sight for students to communicate.
An association of Past Graduates is encouraged and supported through DNA Kingston.

We are always available to provide advice and support.
Please note that all training offered
at Dental Nursing Australia is in
relation to dental auxiliary
qualifications and not enrolled or
registered nursing qualifications.

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